Patrika – All set to conquer the land of RATLAM

9 09 2009

Over a year ago when Patrika strongly entered in Bhopal & Indore and made a huge leap over all the other players in Madhya Pradesh, Patrika strategically went to Ujjain with amazing response. Now its all set to conquer the land of ‘Ratlam’, yet another important city in M.P.
Within a year Patrika connected with readers through several social initiatives like “Amritam Jalam”, “Vote 4 Vote” and an “Evening with Patrika” program. Beside this ,Patrika organized a lot of Public fairs & Exhibitions which received a huge response from general public as well as from advertisers.
Patrika is a fast emerging media group marching ahead as a leading media conglomerate in India. Patrika’s legacy is built upon its fearless, unique and independent journalistic pursuits, which has been carried as a motto right from its inception. It is the No. 1 choice of the Hindi readers of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. At present it is published out of six states in India. The total readership of Patrika is 1 crore 40 lakh and 51 thousand readers (IRS 09).
The Print Industry has witnessed a sea change in its Newspaper readership trend giving a strong sense of fast occuring change in the reader’s habit & want for Quality Content due to Patrika’s strong presence. After demolishing the a 50 year old monopoly in MP’s 2 strongest forts, Bhopal & Indore, Patrika is all set to conquer the hearts of people in Ujjain & Ratlam. In just six months of launching patrika move to Expand to Ujjain & now to Ratlam shorty after 3 weeks of Ujjain launch, will certainly adds another feather in its cap.
Currently, Patrika enjoys a big lead over the rest of the players in Bhopal and Indore; in fact its readership is more than the numbers of both the 3rd and 4th major player in the state put together. Spreading its wings to important cities of Ujjain & Ratlam will further add strength to its wings .
With Patrika entering Ratlam, it is seen as a milestone step in its journey to provide Quality News & truth to the people of M.P.

National Head Marketing, Dr. Arvind Kalia states, “It is truly a great moment for Patrika team. After an amazing success story in Bhopal, Indore & Ujjain, we are now entering another popular city Ratlam, which is yet another important location in M.P and has great strategic importance.
Deputy Editor of Patrika Group, Mr. Bhuwanesh Jain states “Our entry in Ratlam, just few weeks after entering Ujjain is yet another milestone in our endeavor to fulfill the commitment to our readers. We will do our best to enlighten the journalistic values as we have been doing over the past 50 years. We are committed to the welfare of the society.

Readers can visit to get live news updates from Madhya Pradesh and the rest of India.




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